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SIO2 ultra thin layering is the technical term for Liquid Glass. Apart from a select group of professionals, few people know about this stunning technology. If you walk around Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara you are walking on it; if you visit certain hospitals in the UK you are touching it; if you eat at certain McDonald's in Austria you are sitting on it and if you see an unusually clean train you are probably looking at it. All of these surfaces have been coated with invisible glass.


Rising concern regarding public sanitation and corporate environmental strategies are pushing companies to look for cost effective ways of improving their performance in these areas. Our comprehensive services can help your company position itself as an industry leader by applying nanotechnology to alleviate these concerns.

The vast combinations of treatable surfaces and layer properties create a wide range of possible applications. Talk to one of our trained consultants to see how ShieldNano products can help your company.